In The Penal Colony

By Philip Glass

8/5/15St Anne’s Church, Kew Green

Shadwell Opera took over the Arts Theatre in the West End for two nights only, interrupting the run of Ghost Stories with an installation-style operatic retelling of Franz Kafka’s famously visceral short story.

In the Penal Colony harnessed the mounting tension of Phillip Glass’ music, and drew on Kafka’s influences, to mount a multi-media exploration of literary and colonial attitudes towards the ethics and aesthetics of violence.

Matthew Fletcher – Musical Director
Jack Furness – Director
Héloïse Werner – Producer
Kitty Callister – Designer
Christopher Nairne – Lighting Designer
Jack Furness – Director
Celine Lowenthal – Assistant Director
Finnegan Downie Dear – Assistant Musical Director
Tom Harding – Projections
Ben Hosford – Production Manager
Damian Robertson – Associate Lighting Designer
Nathan Mercieca – Répétiteur and Martial Arts Advisor