The Lighthouse

By Sir Peter Maxwell Davis


Nov 3rdHackney Showroom

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A haunting new production of Peter Maxwell Davies’ true operatic ghost story, The Lighthouse.

Raw, mysterious, disturbing, Shadwell Opera bring the groundbreaking opera to Hackney Showroom in November. It explores the strange and inexplicable disappearance of three keepers from a remote Scottish lighthouse, through a mixture of courtroom testimony and fantastical flashbacks.

Shadwell Opera’s critically acclaimed team will craft a multi-sensory experience that plays with the idea of theatrical immersion and suspension of disbelief. This production will make you think again about the awesome loneliness of the sea, about the fragility of the isolated male psyche, and the disturbing psychological reality of ghosts. This is an opera like no other.

Taking the composer’s original performance suggestion of placing the horn player in the audience as a starting point, this production will further integrate Shadwell Opera’s outstanding ensemble of young soloists into the drama, continuing dialogue between pit and stage that has been at the centre of their recent work.

Paul Curievici – Officer 1 / Sandy
Owain Browne – Officer 2 / Blazes
Pauls Putnins – Officer 3 / Arthur

Jack Furness – Director
Finnegan Downie Dear – Conductor
Alex Berry – Designer
Daniel Spreadborough – Lighting Designer